Bau et einfach (build extremely easy)

bee is an open source software that is able to build a package of executable binaries directly from a source archive URL. It is developed by Marius Tolzmann (, Tobias Dreyer (, Matthias Rüster (, Lena Zander ( and others and is licensed under the GPL.

'bau et einfach' may be translated with 'just build it'. bee may also be an acronym for 'build extremely easy'.

bee is used to easily install any software directly from source code archives in your home-directory. So if you don't have root-access to a linux box but just a user account, you may use bee to install the tools you love anywhere on every linux box.

bee was invented to manage the "linux from scratch" based linux distribution at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics. The complete softwareinstalled there is build and managed using bee.

Even if you don't want to use bee itself, you may find some other useful tools included in this package:
beegetopt, beeuniq, beecut, ..

please contact us:


News section goes HTML5

Updated this news section to use more HTML5 tags. This may or may not enable better readability by scripts.

We will release another bug fix release (bee 1.2.4) soon.

Happy New Year!

Development of bee will continue in 2013. So please stay tuned.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry, but bee 2.0 won't be ready for the end of this year. So we will try to release bee 2.0 at the linuxtag2013 in Berlin.

bee 1.2.3 released - two minor bugs fixed

Removing files having filenames containing special chars is now fixed.

Backup bee-files moved to the BEEDIR after a successful build were named after the PKGALLPKG (including the architecture). This was not intended and introduced some time ago. this is fixed now and bee-files are named PKGFULLPKG.bee again.

bee 1.2.2 released - ugly bug fixed

Building the first package ever resulted in an ugly error while creating the INVENTORY cache. The package still got built correctly but the build-archive was missing.

bee 1.2.1 minor bug fixed

The rarely used SHAREDSTATEDIR prefix default was not resolved correctly if PREFIX was set to a non-system prefix (not /usr or not /usr/local). This is fixed now 8).

bee 1.2 feature/bug fix release

More minor fixes were integrated (e.g. to address the CONTENT-file bug from bee 1.0.)

As a new feature/tool the integrated functionality of bee-dep was replaced by a much faster alternative called bee-cache. bee-cache is now used to keep track of installed files. Every CONTENT file is converted at install time to an internal bee-cache format. This format is always unstable and may change even in minor versions. Therefore all (so called) INVENTORY files are stored in XDG_CACHE_DIR/bee/bee-cache (e.g. /var/cache/bee/bee-cache). They are created on the fly for already installed packages if needed.

Since bee-cache is currently only used for internal stuff it still lacks a manpage.

On a higher level bee-cache adds a new feature: Conflicts to already installed packages are now listed at package creation (beesh) and after a package is installed. (We may change this to a warning/error before a package is installed in bee-2.0 (which was rescheduled for the end of the year)).

bee 1.1 bug fix release

This a bugfix release that fixes a serious bug in CONTENT-file generation: symlink destinations are missing in generated CONTENT files.

The bug currently only affects some bee tools which check for consitency.

roadmap for bee 2.0

We had some fun at Linuxtag2012 - thanks for visiting us.

But we also have a roadmap for 2.0. The demand for any kind of dependency tracking is very high out there. We can't solve the dependency hell. But we can try to help you to manage a linux system and the real dependencies. So we are currently evaluating some ideas how dependency tracking may be implemented into bee. We are happy if you can send us some ideas. We already created some issues on github adressing dependencies and how we plan to integrate solutions into bee.

The second big issue we need to solve for version 2.0 is the configuration management. We currently don't have anything to help the user to solve the problems arising with modified configuration files. This will definitly be solved for 2.0 in a way anybody may be happy with.

But neither dependency tracking nor configuration management will break our main feature: building a package from any sane source tarball. 8)

(update:) bee 2.0 has been rescheduled for the end of the year (was end of july) - see our issues page at

bee 1.0 released

We are proud to present our first official release of BEE: ---> bee-1.0.tar.gz <---

bee 1.0 will be released today

Already checked-in into our git repository at, the bee 1.0 source code is waiting to be tagged and packaged to a source code archive and to be available as a download from this website.

So we are ready for our talk (german only - sorry) at the Linuxtag2012 in Berlin: Tomorrow at 3pm, Matthias Rüster will give an overview of bee - history, design goals, current features, small demonstration and a small outlook of what may come in bee 2.0.

website up and running - but still under construction

Still under heavy construction, our website is up and running. Since every domainname containing 'bee' is already reserved we decided to call the website beezinga till someone comes up with something better. So feel free to call us names 8)

But hey! We have a logo, we have a website, soon we will have our first official release and we will give a talk at the linuxtag2012.